Airport Zen

I was very suprised to find this abandoned terminal in SFO on my recent trip to Chicago. With the madness found on either end, these few precious moments with the long shadows of an early summer evening gave me a chance to reflect, if only for a moment.

One moment

It's Videoblogging week again!

I will be shooting very short clips from my T-mobile dash for 7 days. The sound and picture quality leaves something to be desired. Let's hope my signal is louder than the noise.

This was shot last week when Michael, Chrys, Christian (Tao Takashi), and I got together for an impromtu meeting to discuss machinima, video, and Second Life. We lucked out and had beautiful weather before the fog rolled in.


Fin de siecle

absinthe cat

I am beginning to understand what Web 2.0 actually is: a break away from the 20th Century.

Similar to the decadent and uncertain times of impending change in the late 19th Century, Web 2.0 has become our fin de siecle. Outside of these circumstances the similarities end.

The tools of the time were not code, but art and poetry. Mallarmé had his intimate salons. We have our media and our conversations floating in the ether: tagged, linked, and networked with other similar thinkers. APIs have replaced Absinthe.

Henry V – Act 4, Scene III

Phil’s impressive performance at the gates of Harfleur left little doubt it would be he that represents the Tagami Brothers in front of the lens. Still, I have a fondness for Henry’s rally of troops before the Battle at Agincourt.

With the bonus material overflowing from the great performances of both the Rey and Bui Brothers, I could not leave this undone. 

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 Here, in all its vlogginess, is my garage-rendition of that rousing speech…