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AOL has acquired the video search service Truveo, The Wall Street Journal reports today. Truveo released out of beta in September of last year after two years in development. Truveo technology uses a “visual crawler” to aggregate metadata about video content, whether it is RSS enabled or not.

News Corp announced yesterday that their new acquisition, MySpace, will be adding free video downloads, a new messaging program and soon internet calling.It looks like News Corp, MS, Yahoo, AOL, and Google are are morphing into the same thing.

Last week, Google announced their agreement to allow users to download CBS shows, Getty Film Archives, Sony BMG and NBA games among others. Neat on the IPTV front, but what is more interesting to me is the underlying commerce architecture. Google’s Terms of Service includes Rights Holders that upload their video onto the service a 70% revenue with 30% to Google. Pay Per View is an option that may open up very soon for Independents.

These announcements bode well for the Videobloggers out there. Independent media should be easier to create, discover and share.

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