Weekend Weather #3

Heat Waves and Hurricanes. What’s your weather like?

We finally had to replace the old Sony HC20. This was our first shot @ 16:9 format with a Canon ZR500. I thought it the best value under $300. True 16:9 across the chip with a mic output.

2 thoughts on “Weekend Weather #3

  1. I love your two installments so far, guys. And the sound is great on the new camera.

    You have to be sure to do an “investigative” report on Stinson Beach (interview some of the locals – heh – but take any facts you hear with a grain of salt from anyone straying in from Bolinas … I once asked them how to get to one of the seven buildings in their town, and the two people who responded sent me in different directions. Silly hippies … )

  2. Hey Ben & Ken! I’ve been looking forward to this installment! Did you see the movie, “An Inconvenient Truth”? It talks about the global warming question you raised. The weather here has cooled off a bit to the mid 80s and breezy. We did have ten consecutive days of 100 degree plus weather…including days of 107!!! Yikes. It was not good for the peaches up here. See you soon.

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