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  1. Not that I’m an expert in how to class these things, but I think one of the things that makes Twitter so cool is that it inhabits a space in between synchronous and asynchronous. That allows people to make their tweets as significant or insignificant as they like – just a jotter pad… which is what you’ve done here with your video, and what I guess will happen more with video conversations as we’re able to make and watch on the same devices. The twitter one-to-all thing, combined with face, voice and real surroundings could be popular if it’s made easy enough. I’ve had to be offline for a few days, which has been frustrating, and I stopped watching vlogs this week just before you posted this. I would have liked to seen it soon after it was posted and to have posted a video reply to you from my cell – it’s what I’ve been doing all week at twittervlog.blogspot.com. Hell, I should be replying by video now, not text! Maybe I will!

    I have! Posted at: http://twittervlog.blogspot.com/2007/04/twittervlog-1208am-end-of-videoblogging.html

  2. Interesting point about twittering something and waiting to hear feedback. I don’t know what’s worse — waiting for feedback in a crowded semi-synchronous twitter room or waiting for feedback for an asynchronous video post.
    It’s the human connection and response that is the glue that makes all of this so sticky — so yes, going out in nature and away from these artificial extensions of our nervous system is a good thing.

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