The conversation

The light flickers as if we spoke by candlelight.
Memory and thought dance between reality.
The idea: in focus,
Lucid and clear, now fading again –

Throwing itself into the distance of time and space.
It is there.
I must rummage to find it.

End of Oil

When a lifetime oilman like T. Boone Pickens suggests that Peak Oil has occurred while making massive investments in Texas wind farms, or when you read that Andy Grove is on a mission to electrify the exisiting cars of the world, something is afoot.

By tapping into the ubiquitous power grid and moving to battery storage and exchange instead of filling tanks with gas, A new company, Better Place, looks to fundamentally change the way we power our individual vehicles. Israel and Denmark are rebuilding the entire way the automotive infrastructure works, and automobile manufacturers like Nissan-Renaut plan on bringing full electric vehicles to the US by 2010. It appears the fulcrum for all of this will probably be hitting in 2010. I guess I won’t be driving my SUV for too much longer. On Better Place, I just created a pretty cool “minifesto” on why we need to get off of oil:

What are your thoughts about energy, and the future? What is your minifesto?

I've fallen into the Lifestream!

5+ months. Way too long for an update to the blog. Many of the things I would like to talk about I cannot share due to my daily work at Millions of Us. There are so many amazing things coming this summer to virtual worlds.

Lately, I’ve found my thoughts taking seed in conversations on sites like, and over the last few weeks,

I’ve embedded my FriendFeed here, because it may be months again when I find time to update this site! FF is definitely a place worth exploring. Add me when you are there!

20 years ago – Joshua Tree

Yeah, I was a 20-something — about 20 years ago.

I just got a big flashback reminder of those “golden years” earlier today with the announcement of U2 remastering Joshua Tree – a quintessential masterpiece I rocked out to in my first (and hopefully not last) IPO, Good Guys.

Those summer days in the late 80′s were where I refined the fine craft of salesmanship: greeting, establishing rapport, qualifying (today known as being an active listener and asking great questions), presenting, proving value, overcoming objections, and closing the sale. We’d have a chance to do 20-30 transactions a day. The sales cycles are longer now — 2-5 months, not 20-50 minutes, and the value of each sale is substantially higher. In my 22 years of selling, I’ve come to realize zeros are just placeholders, and at the end of the day we are rewarded for solving a problem or meeting a need.

There still is a great need to end world hunger. Have a look at It is a very clever site that will donate grains of rice for each successful word definition you answer correctly. You will have a chance to stretch your mind, learn new words and word meanings, and I think you will be amazed at how fast you can fill a bowl up to feed a starving person somewhere in the world.

Here’s is a great clip from iLike with Bono singing “Wave of Sorrow”, which was conceived during the recording of Joshua Tree, but was just recently completed, and will be included in the remastered Joshua Tree. It is an incredible story of Bono’s first hand experience of Ethiopia during the famine of 1984-85. Have a listen:

The Perseids sent me a reminder

I’ve had the good fortune to have experienced the 90′s dotcom wave first hand, and I know that without tenacity, (what a friend in Japan calls Ketsudan), the moment can be fleeting for a start-up. My head has been down in my work for 10 months now, taking a very deep dive with virtual worlds and social media. Lately, as I prepare for an Asian 3-country tour, I have been averaging 35-40 hours a sleep a week – there’s just too much to cover, and the business is still moving forward extraordinarily fast.

Running every other day has helped me try to stay in tune with the world around me, even as my brain becomes possessed with the virtual. I have been sensing the changing of the season on my sunset runs. Summer has begun to wane ever so slightly. The air smells different. The afternoon light is also changing accompanied with the slightest hints from the foliage.

As the Earth slides across the path of a comet’s tail in the late days of summer, we have the chance to experience the world before media. The Perseid Meteor Shower has been known to humanity for a few thousand years.

When I stepped out tonight and looked up to the sky, a few stars became a dozen, then tens of stars, hundreds, then thousands. Being in the city, the glare knocked out the deepest sky, but I could still appreciate the evening.

There on my back, looking up into the heavens, a few flashes of light raced south across the sky.