SF Edit

After a long day at the beach with the family I logged in to see my twitter filling up with comments coming from the Hat Factory. A bunch of video geeks were editing and hanging out at an event they were calling SF Edit.

Nathan Freitas was in from NY, and even Sarah Meyers had a stream coming in via Justin.tv – I had to go check it out. Despite my battery wimping out on me at the beach, I did have a few shots of the boys sandboarding (see last post) and wanted to get that up.

After a great Thai dinner and shower I popped on over and had a great time breaking through the 4th wall! 

One moment

It's Videoblogging week again!

I will be shooting very short clips from my T-mobile dash for 7 days. The sound and picture quality leaves something to be desired. Let's hope my signal is louder than the noise.

This was shot last week when Michael, Chrys, Christian (Tao Takashi), and I got together for an impromtu meeting to discuss machinima, video, and Second Life. We lucked out and had beautiful weather before the fog rolled in.


Expedition 360 – Melissa crashes, is hospitalized.

Expedition 360 team member Melissa Mak, who joined Jason Lewis just 5 days ago in Bangkok, crashed on her bike in Thailand yesterday and is now hospitalized. More on the Expedition vlog.

A very scary moment for Melissa and the expedition. Thankfully she seems to be ok and is currently at Pak Chong Hospital. Thankfully she was wearing a helmet when she hit the asphalt at over 35 kmph. We wish her a speedy recovery.

Now more than 2/3rd complete, Expedition 360 is looking to be the first circumnavigation to rely soley on human power.

Vloggercon is over

Wow. What an amazing last few months, and what an incredible weekend! Vloggercon was sold out and the Swedish American Hall was crackling with the kinetic energy of vloggers from all over the world!

Our persistence paid off on the connectivity side. We were able to launch the show with 4 bonded T1s and have awesome throughput the entire weekend thanks to Eddie, Alex and the crew at Monkeybrains. We were able to get a nice clear stream out to Nessuno.tv in Italy and they tossed the feed up to Satellite (Hot Bird 3, Freq 12.149, Pol Vert, FEC ¾, Sym 27500) from there.

Rocketboom announced at the show that they will be releasing a video series with BoingBoing soon. Robert Scoble brought us great buzz with his leaked announcement and the subsequent coverage of his departure from Microsoft to PodTech.

Eric Rice, aka Spin Martin, reproduced Vloggercon in Second Life. It included our live feeds embedded in that virtual space.

On the marketing side, Intel’s Viiv brand (the digital living room of the future), won major points from the grassroots media movement when they agreed to listen for two days rather than to speak for 45 minutes. A big shout out to Rohit and OgilvyPR who kept the vision alive, and for Mike Hudack at blip.tv, who jumped in at the 11th hour with a turn key video hosting and tagging solution! Look for some really cool video of videobloggers telling Intel what they think soon.

I announced Jason’s Expedition360 new vlog to everyone on Sunday. The trek now includes a tri-weekly vlog in addition to the 700 hours of archived footage from the first human powered circumnavigation!

I finally had the chance to meet so many people in real life 3 dimensional space that I had only got to know from their video or participation in the Yahoo videoblogging group. It was really, really cool.

…and the parties! Oh man the parties!

We still need to go through the post mortem on the show, but I can tell you that Jay, Schlomo and I have the gears in our heads starting to turn for the next venture already….

Check these tags out for alot more info: Blip.tv, flickr , Tecnorati, Mefeedia, Fireant.

Some type of video coming from me later this week.