Torrent for Indy Media

BitTorrent landed $8.75m from DCM Doll yesterday. Will be interesting to see their model evolve. Do you use torrents? Which client do you prefer? I am hearing good things about Azureus. Any recommendations on clients and platforms welcome!

I believe P2P has a role for Independent media. As producers of media we should be able to control the creation AND distribution. I talk about it more here in my intermittent podcast .

I feel truly inspired after last weekend, and have even created my first vlog! I’ve uploaded it to I was hoping to convey the feelings I get when I ride my bike as a commuter and have that extra time to think about all the things that are happening around me. In this case, it was the thoughts left over from Webzine2005. The incredible music is from C. Alan Byrd. You can also find his music on iTunes. Have a listen to his rendition of Sixteen Tons and House of the Rising Sun…awesome!

Please check it out, and let me know what you think.

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More Webzine 2005

I admit, I slept in today. I didn’t attend any of the parties, but I am exhausted after a wild Webzine 2005 weekend. I must be getting old.

This “live wiki” was really refreshing. Alot of experimentation, alot of questions. More creators and inventors – less shrink wrapped solutions and money people.

That did ring a little bell in my head though. Where is the money? Here is a good conversation I had with Joshua Kinberg (FireANT) and Charles Hope ( where they help me understand the rel=”payment” tag and the possible future in torrents.

Feast your ears on a wacky conversation with Bre Pettis ( and where we go from drawing visualization for school children all the way to the Webzine 2005 “smack down” Challenge!


emeryville loop: 1:21:19

Fall in San Francisco

What a amazing day in SF. A perfect fall day that included an anti-war rally and the the Love Parade. The best part was neither as most of my afternoon was spent indoors geeking out at Webzine 2005. An amazing *.alt culture where folks still dare to dream. As I promised in my last post, the podcast is up. More to come tomorrow.


Fri 9/23: speed training w/ Peter @ the track. (6) 1km sprints with .2km walk/rest.