More Webzine 2005

I admit, I slept in today. I didn’t attend any of the parties, but I am exhausted after a wild Webzine 2005 weekend. I must be getting old.

This “live wiki” was really refreshing. Alot of experimentation, alot of questions. More creators and inventors – less shrink wrapped solutions and money people.

That did ring a little bell in my head though. Where is the money? Here is a good conversation I had with Joshua Kinberg (FireANT) and Charles Hope ( where they help me understand the rel=”payment” tag and the possible future in torrents.

Feast your ears on a wacky conversation with Bre Pettis ( and where we go from drawing visualization for school children all the way to the Webzine 2005 “smack down” Challenge!


emeryville loop: 1:21:19

2 thoughts on “More Webzine 2005

  1. 1st go write some pages for your home about photo and contact pages, then Go into your theme editor and edit your header so that the buttons at the top will go the pages that you made. There’s no email contact here for me to contact you.


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