Rainy Day in Downtown Berkeley

Still alot of rain today in Northern California. I spend a part of the afternoon in downtown Berkeley with my favorite coffee and an unexpected wifi connection.

Peets roasts some of the best coffee I have tasted. They originally started in North Berkeley 40 years ago. My one complaint with Peets is that it is rare to find a place to sit, due to the limited seating, and there is no wifi.

Science Fair: Solar Oven

My kids are working on their Science Fair Projects for school over the Spring break. My older son, Ben, explains his early model Solar Oven and how it works. Tests made “in the field” today allowed him to make some modifications. Hopefully we will see the upgraded version soon!

Encouraged by Videoblogging Week, I took the weekend off to extend the practice of posting every day. I make a commitment in this video to posting 5 times a week for as many weeks as I can. Let’s see what happens!

Videoblogging Week 2006 #3

Enric and I went looking for possible spaces for the Coworking SF group today (tehspace.com). Found some interesting spaces on Valencia but didn’t fair too well near Potrero. What Potrero did yield though were some great textures and a Vlogging Inspired Mini moment.

Something happens to “the can”!

…and finally, after being in shock at the actual wording of an outdoor ad, and the implications of what it really meant, a homeless man came by and gave me commentary on the sign and an ending I could not have scripted any better!

Pictures of “teh” spaces taken by Enric can be found on Flickr