Strawberry Canyon Run

Back behind UC Berkeley is Strawberry Canyon. Good trails for hiking and running. Lots of folks take their dogs up here too. Unfortunately, no bikes are allowed.

On clear days you have incomparable view of San Francisco, the Golden Gate, Mt Tamalpais, Berkeley and the surrounding East Bay.

Besides a waterfront run to Emeryville, this is my favorite course during the summer months. About 7.5 miles from the trailhead to the top of Grizzly Peak and back.

The Magic Garden

A summer afternoon in a Berkeley Hills garden with my friends, the bees. Does anyone know the type of flowers these are? Impatiens? Jewelweed?

UC Study Counts Albany, Berkeley Bee Population.

The Berkeley Planet article goes on to write:

“If you’ve noticed a non-honeybee in your garden, odds are it was a bumblebee—maybe the yellow-faced bumblebee, which has the resounding Latin name of Bombus vosnesenskii. Their colonies are annual, like those of wasps; the workers die off in fall, leaving the queen to hibernate through the winter and found a new realm when spring comes.”

Archeology of Media Past

Yes, it’s been months since I’ve posted any video. I’ve been capturing the footage, (now up to 7 DV tapes), so tonight I thought I’d better get to it and start to pare this down before it became a permanent deficit. I will be starting with the newer work and (hopefully) work my way back…

Hiroko, the Boys, and I took a great bike ride down to the Berkeley Marina for the Fourth of July weekend. We had a chance to eat a few hot dogs, listen to music and take a sail boat out thanks to the Cal Sailing Club.

Expedition 360 – Melissa crashes, is hospitalized.

Expedition 360 team member Melissa Mak, who joined Jason Lewis just 5 days ago in Bangkok, crashed on her bike in Thailand yesterday and is now hospitalized. More on the Expedition vlog.

A very scary moment for Melissa and the expedition. Thankfully she seems to be ok and is currently at Pak Chong Hospital. Thankfully she was wearing a helmet when she hit the asphalt at over 35 kmph. We wish her a speedy recovery.

Now more than 2/3rd complete, Expedition 360 is looking to be the first circumnavigation to rely soley on human power.