iTunes launches podcast

I check this evening and the podcast feed now appears in iTunes. Woohoo! For some reason the image shows a broken link but the XML file validated completely through

Now to hammer out the theme and meter of the show and get it into gear. For now the feed will continue to be a lens that looks back into the Individual Media Revolution here in the early part of the 21st Century. Let’s see where that takes us.

Joshua Schachter, the man behind, was at Harvard on Tuesday discussing the Future of Tagging. Beth Kanter over at Beth’s Blog has a quick video and some notes from the discussion. Worth checking out. Joshua describes tagging as the opposite of search. One for storage, the other for retrieval. Some interesting stats too: Tens of millions of posts, 100,000 people. 500,000 unique tags.

2 thoughts on “iTunes launches podcast

  1. Hello,

    Nice, attractive blog you have here.. I’m just curious if you ever found out what caused the broken link image in iTunes. I have the same problem, but I’d like to fix it..

    Strange thing is, it was ok. Then, I changed the image, but it was the same filename and size.. Just a different image.

    Maybe images take longer to ‘approve’?… I don’t know..

    Anyway. Any isight is cherished..



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