Joe Beck @ Anna's Jazz Island

Finally got around to getting some video up from last week. Here is Joe Beck (guitar), with Peter Barshay (bass), and David Rokeach (drums) at Anna’s Jazz Island on October 19th. I got lucky and had my little Sony HC20 in my backpack so could get some footage of this notable guitarist. Joe was Miles Davis’ first guitar player. Will try to get another few clips up soon. My apologies in advance for the fidelity.

I’ve got my fingers crossed right now. I’ve moved my nascent video production over to Apple and have submitted my RSS feed for iTunes. I should know in a few days if I am worthy…

2 thoughts on “Joe Beck @ Anna's Jazz Island

  1. Hi Ted.

    I’m one of the two recorder players you met this afternoon on Solano Ave. (11/3).

    I just wanted to apologize to you for my friend’s rude behavior today. He’s been under a lot of pressure with the opening of the store, etc. Anyway, it was uncalled for, and again, I apologize – although he doesn’t know I’m doing so, but I felt really bad about it!

    Best of luck with your video project.


  2. Hey Dominic -

    No worries at all! I totally respect his right to say no. I was a little taken aback from his response, I guess opening a new store is alot of pressure.

    Looking forward to seeing you open soon!

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