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Have you ever thought about writing a novel? How about writing a novel in 30 days?! That’s what the crazy folks at are doing starting November 1st. This is the 7th year that they are doing it. Suprisingly, many people really do complete an entire novel in 30 days!

I gave up last year after getting no more than 2000 words down, but am determined to participate this year. I have bent the rules for my own needs however. While hundreds of folks write their 30-day novel, I will be writing my first movie script. I can’t say more than that, so consider me in stealth mode. I’ll post general updates through the month, but I want the results to be a suprise!

Civilization IV will be available this Wednesday! With this release, a new era of game computing will be here. Why you ask?

The backend of this networked game will be coded in python and XML! Early next year Firaxis will release a SDK (Software Development Kit) that will allow people to create mods for it. Similar to the buzz we hear about Web 2.0 sites and open APIs, this will be a truely open ended platform for game design.

Sid Meier created the first Civ back in 1991 and it ran on DOS. The objective was simple: as a ruler of a civilization you had to explore, do research, and develop the world starting in 4000 BC and ending in the modern era with global domination.

Since picking up the game when it was released for Windows in 1993, I have enjoyed the continuing level of sophistication and AI improvements through II (when they introduced world building tools), and III (when they introduced Internet play). Now with Civ IV and the open architecture, you can modify game rules and change or add content. Add new building types, resources, even add new civiliations! One of my favorite sites to catch up on the latest in Civ is CivFanatics. This will definately be a game to check out.

Now to decide: should I start with the Chinese or the Romans?

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