End of Oil

When a lifetime oilman like T. Boone Pickens suggests that Peak Oil has occurred while making massive investments in Texas wind farms, or when you read that Andy Grove is on a mission to electrify the exisiting cars of the world, something is afoot.

By tapping into the ubiquitous power grid and moving to battery storage and exchange instead of filling tanks with gas, A new company, Better Place, looks to fundamentally change the way we power our individual vehicles. Israel and Denmark are rebuilding the entire way the automotive infrastructure works, and automobile manufacturers like Nissan-Renaut plan on bringing full electric vehicles to the US by 2010. It appears the fulcrum for all of this will probably be hitting in 2010. I guess I won’t be driving my SUV for too much longer. On Better Place, I just created a pretty cool “minifesto” on why we need to get off of oil:

What are your thoughts about energy, and the future? What is your minifesto?

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