Web 2.1 BrainJam

This last Friday I gathered with 50+ other folks @ San Francisco’s KRON TV studios to discuss where people fit into the evolving web at Web 2.1 BrainJam.

We had an opportunity to rotate through several break through sessions as well as look at a few new sites like a multi-user groupware editor [synchroedit.com], a tag suggestion engine, which at the time of this writing has been up and running less than one week! [tagyu.com] , Adaptive Path’s approach to better web traffic log visualization [measuremap.com], opinion network [rateitall.com], and self-publishing empowerer [zazzle.com] (similar to cafepress).

Jeff Jarvis presented a summary of the Recovery 2.0 project.

The 3-point objective of Recovery2 is to: have a place to swarm; have interoperable APIs (for sharing of data across invariably distributed sites; and to have face-to-face meetings. I’ve uploaded his brief presentation on my blip.tv vlog.

Thank you Chris Heuer for putting this together!

Audio from some of the breakthrough sessions will be uploaded soon.

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