Cascading Events

Today Yahoo and Tivo announced consumers will be able to schedule recordings of TV shows on their TiVo box from a special Yahoo portal.

This just in: Wall Street Journal Online (subscription required) is reporting that CBS and NBC, have agreed with Comcast and DirecTV, respectively, to allow their viewers to watch popular shows anytime they want. You should be able to read the full story in tomorrow’s paper.

Shows include “Survivor” and “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit”. the price? 99 cents! What started with Tivo and was naturally extended with iPod, it appears that time shifting is here to stay.

NBC Nightly News is now online, starting this evening.

From their website: “For the first time in the history of NBC Nightly News, tonight’s airing of the broadcast will be the FIRST and not the LAST and ONLY airing of the evening. Beginning tonight at 10 p.m. ET/7 p.m. PT, the NBC Nightly News Netcast will be available.”

The most amazing thing is, this is only audio, which suprised me. Update: it actually is a truncated video, but requires IE and Windows Media Player.

Regardless, iPod Video looks to have been the tipping point. The damn has burst; the wall has come down; describe it as you will. With accelerating adopting of packeted information, what changes are in store for media, both commercial AND personal in the next few years?

To share the momentum of Personal Media (Consumption AND Creation), I bring you this TechCrunch link from yesterday. It is a good starting thread comparing the Flickrs of Video. Make sure you read through the comments to find a dozen more sites that they failed to see on the first pass!

One thought on “Cascading Events

  1. As a vj and videoblogger who loves to remix and repurpose content culled from the plethora of our cultural commons offered on the web, i have been tracking and drawing from the growth of user generated video content sites a’la flickr that have been springing up all over like specimens in a furious Terence McKenna hothouse in the last 18 months. Stumbling on this post inspired me to make the effort to add to it with links gathered from my account…. 62 links for the adventurous!

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