Alex Woodard @ Expression College, Emeryville CA

I had a great afternoon over at Expression College for Digital Arts in Emeryville, CA with David Toole, Enric Teller, Markus Sandy, and Schlomo Rabinowitz. Outhink and the College put together a fun mash-up live event with speedvlogging requirements on the editing side (e.g. 40 min to edit!) and SpinXpress to help us manage files between the 3 editing rooms.

J.D. Lasica (Ourmedia), Chris Ritke (49media), and Mia Garlick (Creative Commons) were also there. While we were busy editing (or in my case, trying to edit), these folks spoke to the audience about the current state of Personal Media.

Alex sounded great, and he really gave us alot to work with. Check out his new album Mile High on iTunes!

I stumbled through our alotted time, but my partner, Patrick, pulled us out of the nose dive. Patrick attends school at Expression. He says classes are 5 weeks long and very intense, so I guess he is used to the pressure. I ripped through the footage I had afterward and came up with this compilation…it just took 8x longer. Hope you enjoy it!

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