Satori Kensho

I remember dragging my blanket through the pre-dawn air out to the living room. It was here in front of the television, when I had my first media moment that early summer morning on July 16, 1969. 1969 was an amazing year. I knew nothing of the 4 university computers (UCLA, Stanford, UCSB, and Utah) that interconnected that Autumn to form the Internet.

Just two years earlier, in 1967, Sony introduced the DV-2400 Video Rover. The first ”portable” video system: a two-piece set consisted of a large Black and White camera and a separate record-only Video Cassette Recorder unit they called a PortaPak.

So here we are, nearly in 2006. It has taken about 40 years for it to happen: the Internet and Media (creation, distribution, consumption) are becoming One.

So what happened to the rockets? They never went away. They just got even cooler.

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