The Long Night

Well, here it is. After more than a year of pondering, playing and parenting, the blog is running. Much to catch up on. Marathon training, life as a marketing and sales consultant, web 2.0, and start-ups are just the beginning. This should be fun.

If you’ve arrived here from the About link, best way to find out about me is viewing my posts in reverse chronological order. In a past life, I built and sold a real estate web company (1994-1999) and slogged through the early 00′s as a top producing channel developer for a Fortune 500 media company.

I am a Principal partner in Universus Networks, LLC, a media agency for time/place shifted content.

[update December 2006] I now run Business Development for Millions of Us

2 thoughts on “The Long Night

  1. I was driving to work today, and on the radio they mentioned Dungeons & Dragons and i remembered way way way back, when i was kid, i went to school with a guy named Ted Tagami. We used to talk for hours on the phone. Decided to do a search. After seeing your video, i knew it was the same guy. Glad to see you are doing well!

  2. Just heard a KISS song on the way to work and though of Ted Tagami and the wonderful art work he used to do. So, with the power of the www, I plugged your name in and here you are- then to see Tina Bell’s name…what a long time ago.
    Would love to talk to you and catch up over twenty years- I now live in Tracy and work in Walnut Creek.
    Forward this to Tina as well.
    Hope to here from you soon!
    Rick Clemens

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