SXSW, Vloggercon 2006, Valleywag

South by Southwest is coming up in just a few weeks. I will be out there for most of the Interactive and a day or two of the Music fest. There seems to be the rumblings of a few vlogger activities including the TowerPod launch, and an IOTA kick off party with Magneta Lane, The Mutts, The Slip, Dengue Fever, Heavyweight Dub Champion w/ Dr. Israel and special guest. Will keep you posted as it develop!

The location and dates for Vloggercon 2006 have been set! San Francisco, June 10-11, 2006. Limited attendance. This is gonna be huge.

The last few weeks I’ve been enjoying a new blog in the Bay Area: Valleywag. Backed by Nick Denton’s Gawker, Valleywag has grown on me. At first it was the tabloid approach to the personalities of web two dot oh and old skool tech, but today it actually became a relevant news aggregator with these stories that I found relevant: Google buys Measuremap (which I have been using); Exodus from Technorati. Worth subscribing to.

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