California P.I.

With the falling cost of production and distribution, it was only a matter of time to see the return of the B-movie, this time via the web. Even though their new weekly video is shot in High Def and premiering inside HD entertainment section, Earthflix makes no pretense with California PI. You can see their connection to the past at the end of this first episode with a tribute to Robert Lippert , by Lippert’s son.

Lippert gave us memorable titles from the 40-60′s with movies like Rocketship X-M, Steel Helmet, and the Tall Texan.

Check out the premier episode of California P.I.

It appears Earthflix will be showing old clips from Candid Camera soon as well. Will a new version be far behind?

One thought on “California P.I.

  1. Ted, Whats up we are on to turning California PI into a 90min HD DVD.
    I hope all is well in your corner of the Universis…
    We have Chantelle Paige, 18 year old singing star, and Sarah Eisele off Janet Dikinsons modeling shoe in the new show. Sarah is also a Maxim Model.
    We have teamed up with Hollywood and
    All The Best….Cal Nevada

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