Shadows on the Wall

I stumbled into a friend’s project today that set me off balance for a bit. Still not sure where to go with it. I have been wrapping my brain around technology as a collaborative lever the entire summer, fully thinking I’ve figured it all out – and here now this comes along.

“…(I) see only the shadows of the images which the fire throws on the wall…”

NDA and all, suffice to say, it challenges my thinking of social tools and how we can use them. It’s gearing up to be an amazing Fall.

On a running note, my trainer, Peter Day, should now be in Hawaii. He’s left me with a two week schedule focusing on time trials and stepping back off of the high mileage.

No run today. Yesterday 1:06:05 on the Emeryville Loop with a stop @ Peet’s on the way home.

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