Wind Power

Captured these driving back from LA from the Portable Media Expo this last weekend. This ist at Altamont Pass: the largest concentration of Wind Turbines in the world. This is just one small hill out of dozens. Music is Aubele’s Postales.

In 2004, petroleum 37.5% of the world’s energy production. Coal accounted for 25.6%. Natural gas ranked third at 23.1%. Hydro was 6.21%, Nuclear 6.20%, and geothermal, solar, wind, wood, and waste generated all of 0.9% percent total.

One thought on “Wind Power

  1. When I saw all the wind power towers on my first drive from L.A. to S.F. I was utterly amazed and also confused. At first I thought they were ugly. But then I watched them and they were kind of hypnotic.

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