Flock Dev Preview 0.5pre

It’s been a hyper-crazy Wednesday. I started down in Pacific Grove with Bob Franco @ Endorphin.com checking out his HD video studios…awesome. Up to the City for the Current.tv/Vloggers Meetup, off to Anna’s Jazz Island to grab some cool video of Joe Beck, and now finally have a chance to download and play with the 0.5 preview release of Flock! This first ‘graph is actually being posted from their browser. Nice ability to drag and drop images from Flickr, add tags, and other nifty stuff…

whoops it seems to be breaking my server though…I see this in edit mode but it does not post in display. Rewriting using regular WordPress post..looks like that works..hmm.

Hope to have some of the Joe Beck audio/video up within the next day or so.

Ben's Sunflower

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