Armchair Camper

Watching the FOOcamp and barcamp noise building up to the weekend, I thought it would be interesting to see what I could gleam from the various flickr images, blogs and wikis that were coming out of these camping trips.

Some of the earlier noise about bozo filters and hurt feelings left me wondering if some folks ever really left high school. I guess there will always be cliques. That aside, this weekend felt like a seminal moment. Perhaps something like Paris in the 1850′s…except much bigger, and digital.

Why not run “camps” more often, and in more areas!? Giving folks a reason to gather if for nothing but to share ideas…what a great thing!

Maybe something like a *camp Global Road Show.

Werewolves seem to be really popular with Foo folks. I never knew about Avant Game. Look like they know how to have fun.

From what I could see remotely, I think Ted Rheingold’s wikishirt should win a *camp innovation award! Great UI!

Update: Kinner Net Camp was held in Israel earlier this year. So it begins. I’m always playing catch up.