Henry V – Act 4, Scene III

Phil’s impressive performance at the gates of Harfleur left little doubt it would be he that represents the Tagami Brothers in front of the lens. Still, I have a fondness for Henry’s rally of troops before the Battle at Agincourt.

With the bonus material overflowing from the great performances of both the Rey and Bui Brothers, I could not leave this undone. 

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 Here, in all its vlogginess, is my garage-rendition of that rousing speech…

VlogDeathmatch – Tagami – Henry V

Final cut for VlogDeathmatch #1. King Henry V. Act 3 Scene III.

The siege of Harfleur, Normandy, France began 18 August 1415 and ended on 22 September when Harfleur surrendered to the English. Here is Shakespeare’s adaptation of these events.

Historical footnote: tomorrow, 8 October, will mark 591 years to the day, when Henry’s army left Harfleur on the way to Calais. Crossing the Somme, and hoping to evade the French army, Henry rallied his troops for an overwhelming English victory at the Battle of Agincourt 17 days later on 25 October, Saint Crispin’s Day.

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YouTube: Video's barometer?

YouTube Inc., operator of a hit Web site for videos, has hired Yahoo Inc. Treasurer Gideon Yu to join the startup as its first chief financial officer, according to the Wall Street Journal.

I believe watching what Yu does at YouTube will be one barometer of the health of online video. If he exits quickly, there may not be alot real revenue in their formula. Could it be they are queuing up an IPO? Shopping it for private sale?

It will be interesting to see what Yu and VP of Sales, Tony Nethercutt, can do.