McArthur-Burney Falls

Northeast of Redding, California in the Cascade Range you will find this hidden gem. McArthur-Burney Falls moves a prodigious 100 million gallons of water a day – every day! The water is a cool 45-49 degrees.

Before we arrived here at the falls, we spent the night in McCloud at a quaint Victorian B&B called Stoney Brook. You can see additional pictures on flickr

We did not stay at the campground, but last month they just opened 12 small one room cabins that can be reserved for $65/night. Apparently reservations are sold out for 6-7 months in advance. 

SF Edit

After a long day at the beach with the family I logged in to see my twitter filling up with comments coming from the Hat Factory. A bunch of video geeks were editing and hanging out at an event they were calling SF Edit.

Nathan Freitas was in from NY, and even Sarah Meyers had a stream coming in via – I had to go check it out. Despite my battery wimping out on me at the beach, I did have a few shots of the boys sandboarding (see last post) and wanted to get that up.

After a great Thai dinner and shower I popped on over and had a great time breaking through the 4th wall! 

Airport Zen

I was very suprised to find this abandoned terminal in SFO on my recent trip to Chicago. With the madness found on either end, these few precious moments with the long shadows of an early summer evening gave me a chance to reflect, if only for a moment.